Timeshare Units For Sale

These offers for sale are from Registered Timeshare Owners at The Inn. All negotiations are between the Owners offering and the prospective buyer.

Azteca Tower:

The Azteca Tower is an 15 story structure, and all suites are accessible by three elevators off the main lobby. The Tower Suites are air conditioned The Tower offers a picturesque view of the City of Mazatlán from the street side.

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Two Bedroom Suites
; and Three Bedroom Penthouse

Inca Tower:


The Inca is an 8 story Tower, all suites are accessed by an elevator, with a new out side elevator expected in 2020. The Suites were completely remodeled in 2019 with a Mexican modern Motif. Large flat screen TV, and of course all suites are Air Conditioned. The Tower is beach front and very quiet. Pictures and details for:
One Bedroom Suites; Two Bedroom Suites

The Cora:

The Cora or often refereed to as the Inca Cora as it is accessed off of the Inca elevator system. It is a 5 story structure with primarily Studio Units

The Mayan Tower:

The Mayan Tower is being remodeled at this time and details on the Suites will be posted as it is reopened.

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Gold Membership, 200,000 points

Azteca or Inca One Bedroom Luxury Suite or Owners Choice: Prepaid 23,000 points,
Sale Price $4,000.00, OBO plus transfer fee. This Gold Point Contract offered for sale allows the purchase of 200,000 points per year, starting 2018 expiring 2032. Weeks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 are guaranteed in Inca 2105 each year. Addendum allows reservations to be made 12 months in advance, 90 day reservation carries a 35% discount with upgrade at 45 days, both these attributes based on availability. 20% discount on food, spa, services at the Inn. Addendum available upon request. Email: Rein Lemberg, phone: (916) 295-7976, 1/08/2021, Click for 2021 Maintenance Fees


Weeks 2 & 3, Inca, 7105

Inca - One Bedroom Suite, 7105 is offered at $700.00 per week, or if both are taken together $500.00 per week. plus the Transfer fee of $500.00 per week. Ownership till 2039, Owner notes that weeks 1 and 4 are owned by the Inn and it has been easy to make extended reservations in the same suite. Email: Dan Fielden, (403) 880-0463, Pictures and Description. 6/09/2021

Week 5 & 6, Mayan PH 2

Mayan - Two Bedroom Penthouse Suite - Sometimes at Carnival. Ownership til 2039, Price: $3,000.00 for both weeks and this includes an additions; Pre Paid Floating 2BR Suite for any week prior to April 10, 2022. The Buyer is responsible for the Transfer Fee and both weeks are on one contract the total Fee is $500.00. The Mayan Tower has just been remodeled and the new elevator installed. Email: Angelina Kula,
(847) 306 0505 , 4/13/2021

Week 7, Azteca Executive Suite T 607 - sometimes at Carnival

Azteca - Two Bedroom Executive Corner Suite, # T607, Ownership till 2039,
Sale Price: $1,00.00, OBO, plus 2021 MF's & $500.00 Transfer Fee,  
Email: Bruce McLeod (604)536-8132, Pictures and Description, 01//01/2021

Week 8, Azteca Luxury Suite # T1101

Azteca - One Bedroom Luxury Suite; Ownership to 2039; $2,500.00, split title Transfer, Make an Offer, Fee Contact: email Mark Riese (952)-479-1155 or (952) 393 1607. Pictures & Description 01/01/2020

Week 52, Inca Studio #3108, 

Inca Cora- Studio (includes "week 53" option), Ownership till 2037 -
Sale Price: $1500.00, plus $500.00 Transfer Fee, Email: Bruce McLeod,
(604)536-8132, Pictures and Description, 01/01/2021